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Generation Texas Week Nov. 14-18

Each year Generation Texas Week is recognized by the state of Texas as a week of activities to educate students and highlight the importance of higher education and other post-secondary options.

Monday FEEDER DAY: This is where we go next! Wear your Conroe High or Peet Jr. High Shirts. Rep our Feeder.

Tuesday COLLEGE DAY: Wear your favorite College or University gear. If College is your path, let us know where you want to attend.

Wednesday VOCATIONAL OR MILITARY DAY: Dress representing your favorite branch of the military or wear your camo gear!

Thursday FINANCIAL PLAN DAY: GREEN & BLING DAY! We will be learning about how to pay for the path to your future.

Friday CAREER DAY: We will hear about a variety of career choices. Please dress as the career you plan to have.